About Ariana

Ariana is a gamer, tech nerd, and plant enthusiast with a vibrant love of exotic fruit. She feels rather awkward about writing about herself in the third person, but is not so secretly amused by it, as it is important to find the charm and delight in life, especially in those awkward moments. 

She loves chocolate, hates long walks on the beach, and is happiest doing yoga.

When in doubt she meditates with crystal bowls and uses citations when arguing with people on the internet whenever necessary. She finds comfort in science and ecstatic joy in the knowledge that there is far more out there than we can currently sense, measure, or understand. 

That’s all the hippy shit about her.

The not hippy shit was that she spent over a decade of her life as a CTO of a small ecommerce startup. Before that, she worked as a background actor in Hollywood (favorite role was an audience member for the Magic Mike performance scenes), an IT guru for doctor’s offices, and managed a horse stable. She has a degree in Computer Science, occasionally makes one off phone apps, and has done contact fire staff partner acrobatics in front of the man (Burning Man) as he burned on several occasions.

Her two favorite words are shenanigans and defenestration.